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The online test for this course contains  210  multiple choice questions.

Massage Therapy CEs | Prenatal/Doula/Infant Courses

Prenatal Certification With Infant Certification

Our prenatal and infant certification package consists of the following three massage therapy continuing education courses:

  1. Step One: Prenatal Massage Fundamentals
  2. Step Two: Prenatal Massage Techniques
  3. Infant Massage Certification

For complete course descriptions and frequently asked questions about these courses, please refer to each individual course by clicking on each course title above. 

You may enroll in one course at a time by enrolling on the individual course description page. Use the enrollment on this page only if you wish to enroll in both Prenatal Steps One and Two and the Infant Massage at the same time to receive the special package rate. Our discounted volume packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. No refunds or exchanges can be made once the enrollment has been completed. No substitutions are allowed.

TUITION: The tuition if each was purchased individually is shown above, either completely online, or online with hard copies by mail. Please refer to individual course descriptions for details of what materials are included when enrolling by mail. You have the option to enroll online or by mail. When enrolling online, you have instant online access, with nothing mailed to you. When enrolling by mail, you will still have instant online access, and a hard copy of the course materials will be mailed to you generally within 10 business days.

COUPON: You will save another $40 on this special package by entering coupon code PI40. The code is upper case P, upper case I, the digits 4 and 0 (zero). Coupon codes are not retroactive. You must enter it during the registration process or it will expire. Certification fees (if any, see individual course descriptions) are not included in the tuition. They must be submitted along with the completed certification paperwork.

OPTIONAL PACKAGE: You have the option to create your own customized package rather than using one of our pre-designed packages. For details, click here.

You will take all three tests online. You will be able to print off your own certificate upon completion of each test, for a total of three certificates. The date on the certificate will be the date you successfully complete the online test. You do not have to take all tests right away if you need to straddle completion dates of continuing education hours between current and subsequent license renewal periods, but you do need to complete all tests within one year of enrollment.

You will be able to download paperwork to document practice sessions as explained in the Step Two course description and in the Infant Massage course description. Upon submission of the paperwork, you will be awarded the title "Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist" and "Certified Infant Massage Therapist/Instructor".  If your jurisdiction requires you to have a massage license to practice massage and bodywork, the certification that we award will only be valid along with that required license.

To contact the Institute of Somatic Therapy about this or any other massage therapy CEU course, please go to the "contact" link above. Thank you.