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Massage Therapy CEs | Pathology

Pathology - Shoulder Dysfunction

Number of CE hours: 1

Classification of CEs: Cognitive

Approved by: Institute of Somatic Therapy (Judith Koch) is approved by the NCBTMB (Provider #280672-00) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Institute of Somatic Therapy is approved by Florida (#MCE-326), and New York (#0019). Our courses are also valid for AMTA, ABMP, and most individual states. Some states limit how many hours can be done online or by home study. Please refer to our State Guidelines section for specific information about your state. Laws can and do change, and your state will hold you responsible for knowing the laws that apply to you.

Canada Approvals: This course has been approved by the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia for .5 primary CEU. (One CEU is equivilent to two clock hours of instruction.)
It also meets requirements for Ontario (CMTO), NHPC in Alberta, and is potentially valid for other Canadian assocations. Please refer to your individual association rules to determine if this course is valid for your Canada massage therapy continuing education requirements.

Attention Florida and Georgia licensees:  Institute of Somatic Therapy will automatically report your hours to CE Broker ONLY IF you have provided your license number in your online account with us. You can verify your license information by logging on to our website, and reviewing your account information. If your license is not shown there, please select “edit” to include it.

Tuition: $12

Testing: You complete your test online, and immediately upon passing, print your own certificate.

Course Materials: Shoulder Dysfunction, by Judith Koch

Course Description: This online massage therapy CEU course covers the anatomy, symptoms, and physiology involved in a variety of shoulder dysfunctions, including tendinitis, sprains, and three types of dislocations.

Student Comment:  I just finished completing two of the online classes that I purchased from you. Awesome learning experience. My only regret is that I didn't know about you sooner. I will definitely be using your classes in the future. Thank you for designing such fabulous classes. Sincerely, Liz Volansky, Saint Louis, MO (Completed Research - Reflexology and Pathology - Shoulder Dysfunction)

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Are your online courses downloadable to my computer? No. You must be logged in on our website to view the course materials. Please feel free to take our free sample course, Shoulder Dysfunction, to see how our online courses and testing works.

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What is the difference between cognitive and kinesthetic courses? Cognitive courses are those that teach concepts related to massage therapy, but do not teach specific hands-on techniques. Courses such as ethics, pathology, anatomy, and research are classified as cognitive. Kinesthetic courses are those that teach specific hands-on techniques that you can use on clients during a massage therapy session. Some states limit how many kinesthetic courses can be completed in an online or home study setting. Refer to our state guidelines page for specifics about your state.

Do you report course completions to CE Broker? If your license number was linked to your online account with us when you took the online test, and if your state allowed CE providers to report to CE Broker, we will report your hours on your behalf. CE Providers are given 30 days from the date of completion to report the hours, although we generally report to CE Broker on a weekly basis.

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