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Massage Therapy CEs | Florida Laws and Packages

Florida Renewal 6 CE package - Laws, PME, Ethics

CE Hours Earned: 6

Course classification: Cognitive (course materials consist of concepts related to massage therapy but do not teach a specific hands-on modality)

Approved by: Florida Board of Massage Therapy, Provider #MCE-326. CEBroker Provider # 50-1116. CE Broker course # 10-1407612. Please note: This course is intended for Florida licensees. If you plan to use these hours for a different state or national board, it is your responsibility to determine if that board will accept all six of these hours, as many will not accept state laws from a different jurisdiction.

Reporting to CE Broker: Institute of Somatic Therapy will report your hours to CE Broker ONLY IF you have provided your license number in your online account with us before you take the online test. We generally report on a weekly basis, and more frequently as the renewal deadline approaches.

Course Description: This discount Florida massage therapist renewal package is for therapists who have a valid Florida massage license they are seeking to renew. You earn 2 CEs each from the following three courses (click each title for individual course descriptions):

(Please note that one hour of HIV is no longer required for Florida Renewals)

Tuition: We offer two enrollment options for this package:

  • 1) Course materals and test online $49
  • 2) Course materials by mail and test online $89 plus shipping. You will also have instant access to the online versions of the course. Your hard copies by mail will be shipped within 1 - 3 business days of enrollment. Mailed material consists of our bound student handout. Any PDF files attached to the online course will not be included. You may print them yourself if you want a hard copy. This course also has links to online articles or videos that are best accessed through the online version of the course.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is for Florida licensees in good standing seeking to renew a valid Florida massage therapy license. If you have a lapsed Florida license that you are trying to bring back up to good standing, you most likely need our 10 hour Florida Laws course. If you are seeking to apply for your first Florida license, please see our Florida New Therapist package.


Student Comments: 

"This was my third on-line CE course. I only wish that I had taken the other two through you. This class is presented very well and clear. For such a dry topic it was informative and held my interest. Thank you!!!!"  Myrna Silva, Lake City, FL


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Do you report our course completions to CE Broker or the Florida Board of Massage? Yes, ONLY if you have a Florida license number listed on your online account with us. 

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