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Massage Therapy CEs | Diversity, Ethics & HIV Courses

Ethics - Boundary Setting (Standard V)

Massage Therapy continuing education CEs awarded: 3 for NCBTMB Standard V Roles and Boundaries (only valid for 2 with the Florida Board of Massage). 

Classification of CE Hours: Cognitive (course materials consist of concepts related to massage therapy but do not teach a specific hands-on modality)

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Approved by: Institute of Somatic Therapy (Judith Koch) is approved by the NCBTMB (Provider #280672-00) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Institute of Somatic Therapy is approved by Florida (#MCE-326), and New York (#0019). Our courses are also valid for AMTA, ABMP, and most individual states. Some states limit how many hours can be done online or by home study. Please refer to our State Guidelines section for specific information about your state. Laws can and do change, and your state will hold you responsible for knowing the laws that apply to you.

Instructor: Judith Koch

Course Materials: Available as an instant online CE course, or by mail.

Course Description: This online continuing education course for massage therapists satisfies the NCBTMB Standard V Roles and Boundaries Ethics requirements for roles and boundaries.

Have you ever either let people trample your boundaries because you were too timid to speak up for yourself, or overreacted and come across as defensive or rude when someone has crossed a line? That never has to happen to you again. This three-hour massage therapy CE course takes an in-depth look at recognizing and respecting the boundaries of others, as well as establishing and enforcing your own boundaries. You will learn a calm, simple, four step process to enforce your boundaries that even the most timid can follow when someone is encroaching on their boundaries.

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What is the difference between cognitive and kinesthetic courses? Cognitive courses are those that teach concepts related to massage therapy, but do not teach specific hands-on techniques. Courses such as ethics, pathology, anatomy, and research are classified as cognitive. Kinesthetic courses are those that teach specific hands-on techniques that you can use on clients during a massage therapy session. Some states limit how many kinesthetic courses can be completed in an online or home study setting. Refer to our state guidelines page for specifics about your state.

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