Expand Your Massage Therapy Business by Getting a Certification in Prenatal Massage - by admin@mcb on January 28 2015

Expand Your Massage Therapy Business by Getting a Certification in Prenatal Massage

One of the quickest growing demographics in massage therapy is pregnant women. Women have discovered that participating in massage therapy helps them cope with the changes present in their body during pregnancy and provides essential emotional and physical benefits. Massage for pregnant women is an excellent way to expand your massage therapy business and to maintain a large client base.

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You will gain essential skills and knowledge while earning a certificate in pre-natal massage, including:

  • How prenatal massage can help boost the mother’s physical and emotional well-being.
  • Which pregnancy-related complications can be aided by prenatal massage therapy.
  • The changes that occur in a woman’s body and how these changes require deviations from a standard massage therapy routine.
  • How to market your pre-natal massage therapy service.
  • Which forms are necessary for record keeping and appropriate release of liability.

Completing a certificate in pre-natal massage provides the opportunity for professionals to learn more about the complexities of massage for pregnant women. There are specific techniques, adaptive positions, and pressure points contraindicated during pregnancy that differ from traditional massage therapy. Pregnant women in need of massage therapy want a practitioner with experience in the specific differences of a woman’s body during pregnancy and techniques designed specifically for pre-natal massage.

Adding pre-natal massage to the services you offer provides an opportunity to expand your business. You will be able to market yourself as a therapist with a wide range of experience and will attract new clients to your business. Effective pre-natal massage can lead to a long term client relationship long after the pregnancy is over.

To learn more about massage for pregnant women and the other certifications offered by the Institute of Somatic Therapy, visit our website today.

Beyond Luxury: Marketing Massage Therapy for Health - by admin@mcb on January 28 2015

Beyond Luxury: Marketing Massage Therapy for Health

Massage therapy is often viewed as a luxury. People may think that scheduling a massage is simply a way to relax, to treat themselves, or to get away from it all. Massage therapy may feel like a luxurious indulgence at times but it is also a therapeutic practice that can help treat a variety of aches, pains, and ailments. Emphasizing these benefits to prospective clients is an excellent way to enhance your current marketing and stand out from the crowd.

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You need to spread the word far and wide that massage therapy has a variety of therapeutic benefits that can help a client’s overall health and well-being. This may involve reaching a targeted audience with unique massage therapy needs such as a local running club. Runners often experience overuse injuries and soreness in their soft muscle tissue from the repeated stress of long runs. Ask for an opportunity to speak to the club and explain the benefits of massage therapy and how it can assist runners in achieving goal times with fewer injuries. Many other individuals seek out massage therapy as a way to relieve headaches and sore head and neck muscles from hours spent on the computer. Utilize these clients as referrals and encourage them to share with others in their industry the benefits of massage therapy. You can also invest in specialized training aimed at treating individuals with digestion issues, infertility, tendonitis, joint dislocation, or breathing restrictions.

If you are in need of continuing education for massage therapy, visit the Institute of Somatic Therapy website. We have a wide variety of courses available that can help you transform your practice. These courses are designed to offer continuing education for massage therapy that can increase both your knowledge and your skills.